Siege Battery  Royal Garrison Artillery 1916 - 1919

This website aims to remember the lives, contributions and experiences of men who served together in one battery of the Royal Garrison Artillery during the Great War. The 293rd siege battery was raised in November 1916 and my grandfather, George Hamilton, was an original member who served with it across the western front, into northern Italy and home again in 1919. In researching his life I have become fascinated with this very short period of time when those things he witnessed and experienced helped to shape him as the good man he was.

In undertaking this I have become aware of the lack of information about the men of this battery, occasionally I have found a misrepresentation of those men and it has been difficult to draw disparate strands together to try and make some sense out of their story within the much bigger context of a total war. It is my hope that this website offers an objective interpretation of the evidence drawn from sources that are many and varied and provides those with a particular family interest in the 293rd a starting point for their own family research.

The story that emerges is incomplete and if you know of a family member who served in this battery and have information, documents or photographs to share please contact me - I would dearly love to hear from you and to give your contribution a home here, email me at: siegebattery293@yahoo.co.uk

Photograph courtesy of Howitzerbl ©

Last update -  26th April 2020